Business Assurance solution covering the BIG Fours in the TELCO industry, ALL in a single environment: QUALITY (SQM/CEM), Churn Prediction, Revenue Assurance & Fraud Detection
CommProve AnalytiQa

how can AnalytiQa assist in analyzing your network?
AnalytiQa delivers focused insights & statistics on critical business issues & trends


Early identification of service
& quality usage to detect issues
having a negative impact on the
QoS/QoE, to drive Capex/Opex
investments and improve
subscriber experience.


Predict which customers are at risk of terminating due to poor QoE, understand why and where network issues are, so that you can take corrective action, understand who the individuals are and proactively contact them. AnalytiQa moves beyond the past and helps you look into the future, examining data trends and uncovering subtle traffic shifts that will have network or business impact.


Network event data gives you an enormous amount of information about the actual use of your network, in real-time. AnalytiQa helps you re-purpose your event data to reveal revenue leakage & resource constraints.


Recognize issues in near real-time to effectively protect against bad debts and fraud issues. Identify High Usage and proactively inform customers and avoid Bill Shock.

Single Platform
Single Platform to cover SQM/CEM/Churn Prediction/Revenue Assurance /Fraud Detection
Case Management
Case Management to control and manage the efficiency in handling every day’s escalation on all the Business Performance Indicators in Operation
New web-based GUI
AnalytiQa introduces a new Web 3.0 GUI offering sophisticated, flexible and fully configurable web-based access to your analytics data.
New approach

Analytiqa is now bringing to the market
a completely new approach to support CSPs and MNOs in effectively managing their network
which represent a paradigm shift in the industry.

AnalytiQa brochure

Types of network revenue leakage (% of loss)

Opportunity lost 40 %
Event not billed 40 %
Bad debt 30 %
Fraud 10 %
Commprove technology monitors over 300 billion network events every day
find out how networks use the analyses generated by our solutions

By bringing together both the cross domains subject and the best of the suite products components, AnalytiQa delivers a wide set of applications based on predefined Use Cases

Cross domains
AnalytiQa offers a correlated view across network, subscriber, device and application, ensuring cross domains business monitoring based on business performance indicators built from a combination of KPIs/KQIs/KSIs. These indicators allow the identification of the priorities to be addressed from a business perspective.

Single Platform
Single platform to cover SQM/CEM/REVENUE ASSURANCE/FRAUD DETECTION/CHURN PREDICTION with cross domain capabilities delivering actionable Business Performance Indicators (BPIs).

Configurable KPIs / KQIs and flexible rules for Alarms and Case Management.

Data integration
Support integration with multiple data sources such as XDRs, Logs, Subscriber, Data, Billing, Mediation Devices.

State of the art of the technology, small hardware footprint and in-memory database approach.

AnalytiQa enables operators to monitor and enhance end-user Quality of Service (QoS) in 2G, 3G & 4G networks by capturing data directly from the network, and providing a real-time visualization of network QoS and KQIs.