next generation performance management umbrella solution

How to address new requirements for flexible reporting and network issues diagnose?
IndiQa enable exploiting the insight of the network measurements and performance indicators


IndiQa access OSS counters of OEM vendors,
and then rapidly number-crunch the statistics,
providing a complete network performance view.


  • IndiQa supports multiple reporting types,
    fulfilling network optimization and operation requirements, as well as senior management
    and CxOs level requirements.


IndiQa manage mobile operators network performance for all the different technologies
such as 2G/3G/4G and covers all the network domains i.e. Radio, Access and Core, IMS
of OEM vendors. This enables MNOs to implement a single technology indipendent
solution across the operation.

Geographical coverage from a single region/technology/vendor to an entire MNO network.
Easily customizable

IndiQa address network operation and optimization teams requirements to have the flexibility to define new ways of browsing the information made available as well as to change/adapt/define new KPIs/KQIs on the fly.

Flexible interface

State-of-the-Art Front-End allowing flexible and dynamic report generation in a easy to use and therefore user friendly Web Based Front end.


OSS statistics reported by IndiQa can be used to manage vendor performance by making a direct performance comparison, based on standard ITU, ETSI and 3GPP standards of the success/failure rates of each OEM vendor.

IndiQa brochure


CCR Vendor A 99 %
CCR Vendor B 95 %
HO Success Vendor A 98 %
HO Success Vendor B 92 %
Commprove technology monitors over 300 billion network events every day
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IndiQa Key features
IndiQa focuses on revealing the hidden information in your OSS counters
Direct PM access

CommProve IndiQa solution provides powerful, flexible access to network performance management counters and stats directly from the Network Elements.


Based on the latest databases’ technologies it makes easier multiple data sources & infrastructures integration thus making possible to quickly generate detailed, accurate reports on a large amount of very specific data.

Customizable workflow

Enables the possibility to define workflows in the reporting structure in order to address what CommProve defines the “3 levels” drill down approach from Global Network Performance to KPI/KQI/Counters analysis on a specific technology/vendor/network element area for the purposes of network troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis.

Standard reports

Standard reporting packages for most relevant customer experience and performance metrics e.g. CSSR, ASSR, Drop Calls, Blocked Calls.

Flexible reporting

Select a wide range of reports, including Accessibility, Availability, Retainability, Integrity, Mobility, Utilization and Traffic.


Assists your strategic direction with vendor management, regulator management, geographic status, trend analysis, demand prediction and resource allocation.