Mobile Broadband Insight

Mobile Broadband Insight provides visibility into network wide user plane information.

The Mobile Broadband Insight application correlates this information with application type usage information such as handset, customer type or location (network environment based) and provides proactive troubleshooting recommendations for specific problems. The application is available for both 3G and Lte.

Using Mobile Broadband Insight MNOs can increase revenue per user by identifying service usage trends by handset, geographical location or customer profile and leverage this information to attract business and other high-value customers with advanced data services.

Identifying performance and usage trends as well as the effects on network resources, also allows operators to more effectively manage their mobile networks.

Incorporating Mobile Broadband Insight with RAN Insight and/or Network Insight will allow for end-to-end full user and control plane visibility to be achieved.

For more information on CommProve Mobile Broadband Insight click here  and watch the video.


  • View performance of a specific application, by user, based on an operator’s complete subscriber base
  • Understand resource usage in the end-to-end network
  • Ensure successful, timely launch of mobile broadband applications
  • Attract business and other high-value customers by offering advanced data services

Main Capabilities & Features

  • Network wide user plane analysis
  • Correlation between service usage to handset, customer type, location (NE based)
  • Proactive troubleshooting of application-specific problems
  • Drill down capability from service KPI to CDRs
  • Recommended course of action for troubleshooting
  • When combined with Radio Insight and/or Network Insight full user plane and control plane visibility can be achieved, end to end.