Network Insight

CommProve’s Network Insight provides a real-time visualization¬†of network QoS and KQIs.

Network Insight enables operators to monitor and enhance end-user Quality of  Service (QoS) in GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSPA/LTE networks by capturing data directly from the network, regardless of the technology.

This data used to create a real-time visualization of network QoS as well as key quality indicators (KQIs).

Operators are able to drill down into further detail and target specific network issues that affect service usage.

The performance and quality indicators can be viewed on a geographical map and users can drill down to the root cause directly from this mapping interface.


  • Detect in real-time network issues that affect service usage
  • Ensures smooth roll-out of new mobile applications
  • Gains visibility on customers affected by network/service issues
  • Multi-interface correlation across the monitored interfaces.

Main Capabilities & Features

  • Real-time visualization of network QoS and key quality indicators (KQIs)
  • Wide set of KQIs covering accessibility (e.g. call set-up rates), retainability (e.g. call drop rate) and mobility
  • Effective diagnostics using drill down from KQI down to CDR
  • Vendor and technology agnostic (data derived from network interfaces, not component counters).