CommProve NetLedge

CommProve NetLedge is the industry’s most comprehensive data acquisition platform, capable of processing billions of transaction records per day from multiple network sources, in memory, in real-time.

Data collection is the key to CommProve’s end to end solution as data can be collected from various points in the LTE or analogue network, from the radio interface to the core, and then tailored to specific applications as needed.

NetLedge uses probes and network element counters to correlate data across all interfaces monitored in the network.

The platform also feeds real-time data for post processing and presentation to the CommProve Insight applications.

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  • Reliable, up-to-date data for well-informed technical and business decisions
  • Comparable, vendor-agnostic data (compared to counters)
  • Modular, scalable architecture enabling phased probe deployment
  • Significant reduction in OpEx
  • Optimized utilization of existing infrastructure reduces network CapEx
  • Distributed architecture with minimum data connectivity requirements provides maximum scalability
  • Lowest TCO per link in the industry.





Main Capabilities

  • OSS solution incorporating Performance Management counters and real-time Interface Monitoring to detect, validate and resolve network performance issues
  • Capture every call and session from every subscriber 24×7 in real-time
  • Full visibility of radio, access, core and data interfaces to provide end-to-end performance analysis
  • Unique comprehensive and detailed view of RAN performance
  • Northbound and southbound open interfaces
  • Provide real-time feeds to 3rd party solutions
  • Near real-time results: no off-line recording or post-processing.


  • User-definable data collection for target KPIs
  • Support for a wide range of KPIs: call drops, neighboring cells, handovers, inter-cell management, handset capability and traffic
  • Advanced data correlation engine
  • Auto-discovery/detection/configuration support for all relevant interfaces.