OSS Interface Agreement

Barcelona, Spain, March 3rd 2017 – CommProve, leading provider of Business Assurance, Analytics and Network Monitoring, today signed an OSS Interface agreement with Ericsson based on the principles in the Operations Support System Interoperability Initiative (OSSii).
With this agreement CommProve Service Assurance solution further extends its network monitoring and analytics capabilities by taking advantage of the correlation between probe based information and vendor’s event traces delivering better insight on services performance under multiple dimensions such as device, user, technologies, applications.
CommProve Service Assurance platform provides a comprehensive, powerful and harmonized set of tools to support MNOs operations and activities. By having the possibility of using an extremely large pool of data the solutions allows simultaneous generation of different views of what is happening in real time in the network, allowing MNOs to look at network operations from different standpoints.
“By signing this agreement, we can assure the full compliancy of our platform with one of the major players in the telecommunication market” said Enrico Andreini, CommProve’s CTO.

About CommProve
Nowadays CommProve solutions monitor more than 330 million subscribers in real time, 24×7, across four continents. CommProve is already a recognized leading manufacturer of Network Monitoring Solutions and is delivering the promise of Big Data by offering a set of off-the-shelf Telecom Business Assurance applications.
Under the umbrella of Business Assurance, CommProve Network Monitoring & Cell Optimization applications are completed by a state of the art real-time Analytics Engine. CommProve vision to create this new solution is driven to steer the OPEX & CAPEX investment decisions and make a substantial positive impact on the Network Operators bottom line.

About OSSii
OSSii is an initiative led by major network infrastructure vendors. It aims to facilitate the interoperability between network management systems from different vendors. OSSii promotes competition for network-level OSS systems by reducing the overall integration costs, as well as speeding up the time-to-market for new services.