CommProve launches a new platform called DIVA

CommProve thanks to its solutions monitors in real time over 330 million users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on four continents and processes more than 10 million daily transactions.

CommProve launches a new platform called DIVA.  This is Data Integrated Virtual Analytics, it’s a new solution for the analysis, performance detection and security of radio networks mobile.

Based on a new virtualized architecture, Diva is created to satisfy Big Data analysis. This is the new challenge in network planning, because with the massive adoption of 5G networks, we expect an exponential increase in data traffic that need to be managed.

CommProve Diva, the new virtual probing systems, is able to cope both full virtual data management and mixed one.

“Diva” is a flexible innovation that allows connection with other analysis tools to merge with applications ranging from marketing to security, assurance and remediation.

“Diva” will change the analysis method from an obsolete model of offline data verification to a real-time and detailed status of the network “.