All in-one solution for completed data analisys in digital trasformation world
Data science tool for protecting revenue assurance
Diva gives full view on Customer experience, and fast fault prediction


Which is key of success?

Our first target is improve Customer satisfaction because satisfaction is the direct aswer to Customer Experience so we place the Customer under a spot light. Diva provides a new way to assess a Customer’s experience trough a complex and deeply overview,using new types of data that gives insights not previously seen. Each customer, thanks to his connectivity can be browsed easily ranked based on Commprove Customer Experience Indexing.

Furthermore Diva promises a unique Customer experience thanks to NPS Measurement and the Churn measurement prediction.


How to be sure to follow the Customer and getting the right economical satisfaction?

The spherical Customer exprience, the CX insight in DIVA, (e.g top level KPI tracking based on GeoView, Trend and Real time view), the Marketing Support (e.g monitoring of usage behaviors), Product/Device management, (e.g OTT tracking and and track customer usage of devices), generate a constant reassuring improving Revenue Assurance.


Can we say that Technology is important like the air to breathe?

Yes, Technology is driving the world very quickly, more than we could immagine in the past, neigher we can visualize in the future. We are talking about a global integration, where every single move carried out by each individual element, determines the beginning of a change. We want to be and we can to be a part of this process. Trought Data Science we trasforme big amount of sources in leggible info. Diva is able to design Custome models, automated Alarm generation on Anomaly detection, and a key expectation for any data scientist.

Diva can shape this incoming world.

Single Platform
Single Platform to cover SQM/CEM/Churn Prediction/Revenue Assurance /Fraud Detection
Case Management
Case Management to control and manage the efficiency in handling every day’s escalation on all the Business Performance Indicators in Operation
New web-based GUI
Diva introduces a new Web 3.0 GUI offering sophisticated, flexible and fully configurable web-based access to your analytics data.
New approach

Diva is now bringing to the market
a completely new approach to support CSPs and MNOs in effectively managing their network
which represent a paradigm shift in the industry.

AnalytiQa brochure

Types of network revenue leakage (% of loss)

Opportunity lost 40 %
Event not billed 40 %
Bad debt 30 %
Fraud 10 %
Commprove technology monitors over 300 billion network events every day
find out how networks use the analyses generated by our solutions

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By bringing together both the cross domains subject and the best of the suite products components, AnalytiQa delivers a wide set of applications based on predefined Use Cases
Cross domains
Correlated view across network, subscriber, device and application, ensuring cross domain business monitoring based on business performance indicators built from a combination of KPIs/KQIs/KSIs. Indicators aligned with business priorities.
Unified Platform
Single platform covering Customer Experience, Service Quality Management, Incident & Problem Management, SLA Management, Revenue Assurance and Fraud detection.
Wizard based interface where the user can define and configure KPIs/KQIs as well as generate rules to implement alarms and policies to be applied for SLA/ Supervision/ Fraud/ Incident & Problem management. Fully customized reporting and dashboard layer with intuitive Drag & Drop capabilities.
Data integration
Integration of multiple data sources and data type events such as xDR, performance counters, external alarms, crowdsourcing data, trace files, IoT events, enrichment data. Supports multiple connectivity types such as APIs/File based/RT streaming/SNMPs. Addition of new data sources, rules and reporting can be done by end user. No need of data scientist or DB expert to implement use cases.
State of the art of the technology (Cloud and Virtualization ready). Small hardware footprint and in-memory database approach. High Performance Computing techniques. Short and predictable response times.
Monitoring and enhancement of end-user Quality of Service (QoS) in 2G, 3G & 4G networks by capturing data directly from the network, and providing a real-time visualization of network QoS and KQIs.
Analytics Application
Requirement support for SQM and CEM by combining them into a single environment and therefore addressing the needs of several company departments (e.g. technology, operations, marketing, sales, etc) into a single area.
Incident & Problem Management
Dedicated application designed to address the needs of NOC/SOC teams in terms of incident and problem management prioritization and escalation. Provides Near Real Time prioritization based on business impact for example for VIP customers or SLA violations.
Revenue Assurance & Fraud Detection
Solution based on use cases that has the capability to build complex pattern matching criteria on time sequenced events.
Service Level Agreement Application
SLA Management Application to identify, monitor and review service levels delivered to the end customers such as Corporate SMEs/ Residential.
Topology Management Application
Northbound and southbound integration with Configuration Management and Inventory Management platforms. Sanity check of topology information collected from the various data sources. Real time identification of possible misconfiguration of network elements or devices which are not completely provisioned but already “live” and generating traffic.
Actions Management
Definition of the actions that shall be triggered towards external systems based on operator policies. Supports the requirements of process automation.