Landing 5G!

CommProve Today announced the ability to monitor 5G thanks to DIVA solution!
DIVA solution Data Integration, Virtual Analysis
DIVA to support the world, to help and partecipate and improve the world grow up!
Should it possibile today a life without 5G?
Probably yes, the world was born many millions years ago,  but to have this lifestyle ABSOLUTELY NOT.  5G Nowaday 5G is all around us, but also in our ground and roof and inside us and we have the world in our pocket, or better in our hand!
WHY choose DIVA solution?

.  Real time monitoring
.  Fully virtual integration
.  Easy implementation and integration in a native or cloud/solution
.  Boosted with predictive and machine learning  approach
.  Easy and intuitive usage including KPI/KQI definition
·  GEOlocation

Diva solutions accelerating developments in various industrial fields, with ultra realiable and low latency communications in detailed analysis of cell/carrier coverage, interference, disconnections using unique KPMs

Commprove 5G tenets:
. NetLedge 5G provides the best insight into 5G NR domain
. Focus on a unified view of 2G/3G/4G/5G performance as networks require complex interactions
. The most comprehensive tool to validate and optimise the radio design of multi-RAT GSM/UMTS/LTE/5G NR network
. Every 5G NR customer is a drive tester!
. Without high quality radio links, all services perform poorly
. Unmatched coverage with detailed 5G radio performance measurements

DIVA is a new Commprove monitoring solution and Commprove promises and is committed to be aligned step by step with Network Evolution.