Enable Telecommunication Authorities to analyze and benchmark QoS/QoE within Mobile Operators
Empower Regulators to establish QoS standards in service delivery for the telecommunications industry
Qasar provide real time & historic view of QoS within Mobile Operators, 24x7


Continuous collection and analysis of QoS and QoE indicators from data coming directly from the operator networks following ITU, ETSI and 3GPP standards.


Flexible approach for quality monitoring, providing reports split by mobile operators,
services, regional contexts for internal use at Regulators or external use for Operators.


Monitoring on a continuous basis the QoS/QoE delivered to end user to make sure to raise and manage appropriately

Vendor & Technology indipendent
Qasar can access datasets originating
from around 25 different OEM vendors
OSS systems.
Geographical coverage from a single region/technology/vendor of a mobile operator to all mobile operators networks within regulator territory.
Drill Down approach
Level 1 dashboard provides an holistic view of MNOs performances country-wide in real-time.
Level 2 dashboard provides drill down to the single indicators for the different types of services on a per-operator and per-region basis.
Level 3 dashboard allows the regulator to analyze the single KPIs used to measure service level for a specific operator/region/vendor and verify if there have been issues affecting a specific area or NE supporting therefore the claim from the user.

Qasar reports can be used to manage operators & vendor performances by making a direct
performance comparison and benchmark,
based on ITU, ETSI and 3GPP standards.

QAsaR brochure
CCR 95 %
ASR 90 %
CSSR 92 %
DCR 10 %
HOSR 80 %
Busy Hour Traffic Channel Congestion 15 %
Commprove technology monitors over 300 billion network events every day
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Qasar Key features
Ensure QoE/QoS within Operators in Regulators territory
Performance Monitoring
Service benchmark between mobile operators on national level or specific geographic area. Services (voice, data, SMS) and vendor benchmark.
SLA Monitoring
Automates fines and violations automation through alarming and reporting with regards to SLA compliance.
Automatic Reporting
Automation of periodic institutional or specific reportsdifferent.
Secure PM access
Secure, powerful and flexible access to network performance management counters and statistics directly from the network elements. External data sources integration is also supported (e.g. Drive testing, crowdsourcing) .
Convergent Network
Holistic view of convergent networks by supporting data acquisition from both mobile and fixed networks for different technologies and vendors.
Unlock knowledge
Unlocking knowledge contained in the network data revealing key issues and differences between operators, vendors, regions, technologies, network elements.