Service Assurance engineering platform - decoding, correlating and diagnosing issues on the world's largest mobile networks
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QuantiQa supports engineers with three main daily tasks


Full visibility of radio, access, core and data interfaces to provide end-to-end performance analysis with near real-time results and no off-line recording or post-processing.


Unique, comprehensive, detailed view of RAN performance, including Performance Management counters and real-time Interface Monitoring to detect, validate and resolve network performance issues


Capture every call and session from every subscriber 24/7/365 in real-time across the RAN and Core network, providing detailed trace for VIP support and personalized troubleshooting.

Comprehensive solution
QuantiQa collects every single network event and transaction, and is able to correlate the entire end-end chain of events into a continuous service analysis.

Billions of daily transactions

Already processing billions of records each day for some of the world largest and most busy networks, QuantiQa was ready for ‘big data’ before the term was invented.

Proven, trusted, patented

QuantiQa’s patented technology is already installed with numerous networks, supporting the CX needs of hundreds of millions of subscribers every day.

Customer dissatisfaction trends

As networks have matured, they have switched focus to customer retention. That means a very strong focus on CX, and the key sources of dissatisfaction. QuantiQa helps operators with 3 of the top 4 reasons people churn.

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Sources of customer dissatisfaction with mobile networks (%)

Network coverage 80 %
Bill payment system 76 %
Network quality 70 %
internet service 55 %
A pioneering network quality company, with 20 years experience
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quantiqa offers significant, unique & helpful advantages
Alarm flagging

QuantiQa allows engineers to set custom alarms that trigger when real-time events exceed thresholds. This allows engineers to avoid ‘hunting’, spending time only on the problems actually affecting service.

Fast drill down

QuantiQa abstracts the huge volume of raw event data into a more manageable, correlated dataset for rapid analysis in-memory. But every single event is stored, can be recalled very quickly if required.

Full PDU correlation

All PDUs are automatically correlated into a transactions across all networks being monitored, offering a complete end-end view of every subscriber transaction, for 2G, 3G & 4G systems.

Network snapshots

One useful feature of QuantiQa is the ability to take a ‘snapshot’ of the network at various times, allow engineers to make comparisons between those snapshots across time, and understand variations.

Network-structured DB

QuantiQa uses a special network-structured database, designed by CommProve, which mimics the hierarchy of the real network. This allows the system to be faster and more scalable as your network grows.

IMSI logging

QuantiQa can follow individual IMSIs as they transit through the network, allowing engineers to focus on personalized VIP service or troubleshooting specific customer issues if required.

Context sharing

QuantiQa allows a team of engineers to store an analysis context and share it with other team members, without having to re-start the analysis from the beginning. This saves time and frustration.

Rapid reporting

QuantiQa has a wide range of built-in reports, and numerous customization options, that allow very rapid reporting of the high level KPIs required by management in a standard format.

Historical walkback

Because QuantiQa is able to store months of data, engineers are able to walk backwards through the data to establish patterns and trends that may inform why a current performance issue occurs.